Making Your Own Nanny Recipe Binder

Part of my responsibilities as a Nanny who is also a House Manager is to cook dinner for my nanny family every night. Like most families these days, we have a pretty busy schedule during the week with a sport or class almost every afternoon after school. Making dinner can become hectic for so many families on those nights, oftentimes resulting in pasta…again, or fast-food. Since I’m not in a position to resort to frozen or drive-thru meals due to my professional obligations, I created a recipe binder of family-favorite quick, easy and healthy-ish meals.

Now you can too, but it’s not just for nannies!

What you will need:

  1. Once you’ve printed the cover and cheat sheet, you can put them in a sheet protector and add to the front of the binder.
  2. From there, you can decide how you want to break up your recipes — type of dish, ingredients, level of difficulty, amount of time, etc. — by labeling the subject dividers and adding them to the binder.
  3. Now the best part — Download and print recipes in my easy-to-follow format (COMING SOON!), then place them in the sheet protectors and organize.

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