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Winter Craft for Kids: Tear-Art Snowman

Kids love to destroy things! At least, that how we see it as adults... But there's really a very normal developmental phenomenon happening in those instances. They're learning about their own power, cause and effect, and what parts make up larger objects. Tear art is a great way to allow this type of learning and… Continue reading Winter Craft for Kids: Tear-Art Snowman

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Social Distancing Winter Activities to Do With Kids

First I just want to say: Congratulations -- You made it through 2020. But COVID hasn't magically disappeared, businesses are stilled closed, and social distancing hasn't gone away. With the cold weather moving in, we're going to need safe and practical ideas to keep everyone entertained and things running smoothly this winter. Whether you are… Continue reading Social Distancing Winter Activities to Do With Kids

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Creative Outings in Denver & Boulder: Winter

There are so many wonderful things about winter -- holidays, traditions, community events, and snow, just to name a few. It isn't the cold and the snow that makes winter so great, it's the celebrations that go along with it. Here in Colorado, we don't let the weather keep us from the outdoors, but we can't exactly expect our toddlers to play at a park in 30 degree temperatures. For that reason, I have composed an inexhaustive list of...