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It’s Okay to Take a Break

If you're anything like me, you will always find something to do at work -- organize the pantry, sweep the floors, fluff the pillows. It really is a great trait to have as a nanny, but sometimes you need to think about...


Stop Trying to Be Perfect

When it comes to my job, I try my best to never make a mistake. Funny, right? It's impossible. There are so many things I am good at, but when something doesn't go just right, I have the tendency to question my abilities as a nanny. I know I can't be the only one who… Continue reading Stop Trying to Be Perfect


Avoid Saying These Eight Things to a Nanny

I often get asked questions about my job -- what I actually do, if I like it, and how I got into it -- but occasionally, someone will ask me something that just isn't very tactful. People make all kinds of assumptions about nannies, and often...


Day Nine of Five

June 18, 2019 Today marks my ninth day of work this week. Since last Monday, I have worked ninety-seven hours. Going into this week, I expected to feel exhausted, burnt out and quite a bit frustrated by today. Although I had the occasional issue, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a typical week.… Continue reading Day Nine of Five


Today Was Not My Favorite

Today started out great. I actually felt like I got enough sleep and wasn't a zombie on my thirty minute commute to work. For the majority of the morning, things went well -- Baby, R, went down easily and slept for two hours, and A played nicely by himself while I got a lot done around the house. Then...


Can’t Wait to Explore Boulder

Today is my second day at the Boulder house where my nanny-family moved after a few years in Denver. Since the weather has been slightly depressing (Snow in mid-spring? C'mon, Colorado!), we haven't had a chance to explore any parks or trails just yet. I am definitely looking forward to that! Along with parks and… Continue reading Can’t Wait to Explore Boulder


Today, I Embarrassed Myself

This morning, while changing R's diaper, I noticed the Desitin was a teeny tiny squeeze away from being empty. I couldn't find another tube anywhere, so considering I also needed Swiffer wet pads, I decided we'd take a quick trip to Target before picking A up from preschool. Because the Target we went to is… Continue reading Today, I Embarrassed Myself


It’s Been a While

It's been a while since my last post - a testament to how busy things have been. In April, I wrote about how I was anticipating starting a new job and now I'm two weeks in. I'm hoping to get back into regularly posting about my experiences as a nanny, but I expect to be… Continue reading It’s Been a While


It’s That Time of Career Again

About a month ago, my current nanny family told me they would be cutting my hours to put their youngest in part-time preschool. Unfortunately, this came at a time when I actually need to work more hours to cover a portion of my husband's paycheck as he starts nursing school. I looked into getting a… Continue reading It’s That Time of Career Again