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What is a Nanny-Share?

So you've heard this term nanny-share thrown around a lot lately, but aren't quite sure what it means. As someone who has experienced several nanny-share positions, I can confidently say it is one of the greatest innovations of the twenty-first century nanny industry. So, what exactly is it and why is it gaining so much… Continue reading What is a Nanny-Share?

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How to Hire a Nanny in Six Steps

It's such an exciting phase in a parent's life when they get to bring home a new family member -- a nanny. Nannies are amazing! They co-raise other people's children and manage other people's homes with poise. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, a good nanny can be hard to find. Hiring a nanny is a very involved process. You shouldn't have to compromise on the person who will take care of your children. But...

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Eight Ways to Celebrate Your Nanny On Their Birthday

Everyone wants to feel special, thought of, or appreciated on their birthday. The person who cares for your family, loves your precious little ones, and reinforces your parenting also wants to be recognized on the one day a year that should be all about them, and why shouldn't they be?! Nannies work hard to support… Continue reading Eight Ways to Celebrate Your Nanny On Their Birthday

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Sound Like a Pro: Know the Latest Nanny Jargon

If you've ever spent time with a nanny, chances are you've heard her use at least one nanny-related term you've never heard before. As in any field, there are certain words typically used only by those in the nanny-sphere. Whether you're a new nanny, an employer of a nanny, or just curious, you too, can… Continue reading Sound Like a Pro: Know the Latest Nanny Jargon

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How to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Professional Nanny

Quite a few people enter into the nanny world with no intention to stay, but every once in a while it claims the life of a naïve person who's fallen in love. I would say that's the story for many of us. Now we've got our foot in the door, but where do we go… Continue reading How to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Professional Nanny

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2022 Denver Free Days

Those of you who are familiar with Denver, know that there is so much to do here. Thanks to the SCFD, every year Denver introduces their free days to museums, the zoo, and other attractions in and around the city. The following is a list of free days for several of those locations: The Denver… Continue reading 2022 Denver Free Days

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Why a Nanny Can Offer Valuable Advice to First-Time Parents

I understand just the title of this post makes some of you mamas cringe, but hear me out... A nanny is not (necessarily) a parent, therefore a nanny cannot speak to all of the facets of parenting even with extensive childcare experience. She can, however, share her own experiences and some of the things she’s… Continue reading Why a Nanny Can Offer Valuable Advice to First-Time Parents

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At-Home Activities for Kids in Winter

It's finally starting to feel like winter here in the Denver area...mostly. It's been warmer and much more dry than years past, but I find myself wearing a thick jacket and boots regularly. For those days when you just can't do the same old things anymore, try one of these kid-approved activities perfect for cold… Continue reading At-Home Activities for Kids in Winter

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Creative Outings Near Denver for Snowy & Rainy Days

We are fast approaching the winter holidays, which means cold weather is right around the corner. We've already felt glimpses of it here in Colorado, so be prepared for those rainy and snowy days with these fun and active places to play!