About Me

Hi there! I am a Colorado-based career nanny with several years of experience working with kids. I pursued degrees in Education and Child Psychology and Development in college because I have always loved teaching, caring for and encouraging children to grow into strong, intelligent, respectable, kind people.

As a nanny I quickly came to realize that nannying can be daunting. It’s difficult to know what to expect and ask for as a professional, but also to connect with other nannies for advice and to just share in the experience.

The same, however, can be said for parents in their search for a nanny. Without the experience of hiring a nanny previously, or the help from a friend or agency, employing a nanny can be overwhelming.

That’s why I created The Colorado Nanny – to educate and enlighten nannies and parents on the nanny industry, as well as share my personal stories and experiences as a professional Colorado nanny.

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