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Eight Ways to Celebrate Your Nanny On Their Birthday

Everyone wants to feel special, thought of, or appreciated on their birthday. The person who cares for your family, loves your precious little ones, and reinforces your parenting also wants to be recognized on the one day a year that should be all about them, and why shouldn’t they be?! Nannies work hard to support families all year long; one day of celebration is well-deserved.

In honor of my THIRTIETH birthday, I want to share 30 gift ideas to honor that special person who helps your lives run more smoothly.

Just kidding. 30 is way too many. Let’s say eight.

I’d like to share 8 of my favorite birthday gifts from employers over the years, including a few extra ideas that I know nannies would appreciate!

A Gift Card for a Pampering Treatment

I love love love when my employers give me gift cards to get a massage! With such a demanding job and all of the stressors of life, an hour of deep relaxation and release of knots and toxins is very appreciated. If massages aren’t your nanny’s thing, maybe a facial, mani/pedi, or even a hair treatment would be more their area of self-care. We all want to be pampered, but that could look different for each us.

Meaningful Jewelry

Some nannies have special and unique relationships with their nanny-kids and families. Ones who have been a constant in a child’s life for several years, or have been a significant support through difficult changes, or who continue to show up once their contract ends… Those are the nannies who might cherish such a meaningful gift as a piece of jewelry to represent that sweet relationship.

A Frivolous Gift

You know those things you want but wouldn’t buy for yourself? That is what I’m talking about here — a frivolous gift that your nanny wants, but wouldn’t buy. This could be anything. Knowing your nanny and their personality can point you in the right direction. Do they like shoes, traveling, going to concerts…? Have they been wanting an expensive pair of jeans, a name brand purse, a novel kitchen gadget…? Don’t be afraid to ask if you aren’t sure.

An Experience for Them and Their Partner to Share

If you know your nanny has a special someone in their life, consider gifting them something they can share with that person. It can be movie tickets, a gift card for a nice dinner, an overnight stay, or whatever fits your budget and your nanny’s preferences. Some people are more into experiences and making memories than tangible gifts, so giving them a gift they can DO with a close friend or family member could be perfect!

Their Birthday Off

If you can’t think of anything to give your nanny, they work a lot, have demanding job duties, or ARE A NANNY, giving them their birthday off is always appreciated! In the case that their birthday falls on a mid-weekday, consider offering a day of their choice rather than their birthday. Some nannies would prefer to have a three day weekend, others just don’t want to work on their birthday. Asking their preference is the way to go. No matter what, you can’t go wrong offering an extra day of PTO to your hardworking nanny.

Take Them to Lunch

If you aren’t able to give your nanny the day off, I know they would appreciate a special birthday lunch. The great thing about this idea is that you have options — take them out on your lunch break, come home for your lunch break and give THEM a lunch break, have lunch delivered to the home, give them cash to choose where they want to go… It doesn’t have to be expensive; just a thoughtful gesture to recognize they’re working on their birthday can go a long way.

A Cash Gift

If all else fails, I’ve never heard of a nanny turning their nose up to a cash gift. I know some people think it’s tacky and impersonal, but it really is a great gift for a nanny or household employee. It allows them the freedom to use it (or save it) in any way they see fit.

While nannies love handmade gifts and cards from their nanny-kids, consider including one of the gift options above as well to show that YOU, as their employer, appreciate them, too. Taking the time to remember your nanny’s birthday and choosing a fitting gift for them will make your nanny feel recognized and valued. It’s all part of building that nanny-employer relationship that thrives for years to come!

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