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How to Create a Professional Nanny Résumé

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Applying for a nanny job may seem different than applying for a typical job, but it really isn’t. The basics remain the same — professionalism all the way around. It starts with a résumé that says, “I take my job seriously.” Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the nanny field, employers are more likely to consider you if you seem professional and mature.

In order to create a professional-looking résumé, it’s important to keep fun fonts and colors out of your text. Although it can be a great way to show parents that you can be fun and creative, there is a place for that, just not in your formal résumé.

If you need extra help creating a résumé, I generated a basic résumé you can download and edit with helpful tips along the way.

The reality is, a nanny who is serious about applying for a job, shouldn’t just have a résumé, but a packet of references and certifications for the parents to see. I usually fill a report cover with my résumé, reference letters, a copy of my certifications, and examples of projects I’ve done with kids.

In order to get reference letters, kindly ask your former employers to write one for you. You can provide topics for focus if you think that’s necessary. If you ask an employer of a non-child-related job to write you a letter, use them more as a character reference. In your packet, place the reference letters in order of most recent position to least recent.

Once your reference letters are completed, include copies of certifications in your packet. If you are First Aid certified, include that, as well as anything like a teaching certification, or continuing education courses, etc.

If you want to display your creative talents to prospective employers, include a page or two of photos of the crafts and activities you have done with children in the past. This can really make you stand out!

Although having a professional résumé will not guarantee you a job, it will help you to stand out and increase your chances of getting an offer.

*DISCLOSURE: Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to make a purchase through my website.

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