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At-Home Activities for Kids in Winter

It’s finally starting to feel like winter here in the Denver area…mostly. It’s been warmer and much more dry than years past, but I find myself wearing a thick jacket and boots regularly. For those days when you just can’t do the same old things anymore, try one of these kid-approved activities perfect for cold winter days.

Create a Home Movie Theatre

Especially for the kiddos who don’t get a lot of screen time, an at-home movie theatre experience can be just shy of magical. Stock up on buttery popcorn, salty snacks and sugary beverages (okay…maybe you don’t need the butter, salt and sugar); Collect all of your soft blankets and fluffy pillows; turn out the lights and cover the windows; Now, put on your favorite movie (or something new) and enjoy!

Have a Pajama Day

Who doesn’t love spending their entire day in pajamas? On a cold snowy day, there’s nothing better.

Build an Epic Fort

I would never claim to be a master fort-builder, but I remember making epic forts with friends as a kid. We brought every chair, blanket and pillow in the house into the living room, where we created a multi-room fortress. Get creative designing a space to rest and play for the day.

Bake Something

There are endless recipes online for baking anything from bread to pie to cake to cookies…

One of my favorite recipes to make with kids is this lemon blueberry bread. It’s beautiful, delicious, and offers the opportunity to learn new skills for young bakers.

You can also show off your cookie decorating skills with my favorite sugar cookie recipe, adapted for high-altitude.

Get Creative

Kids love getting creative. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t stocked up on all of the craft supplies, kids will always find a way to share their imagination. Guide them in a craft or provide several open-ended materials for their use.

Build a Snowman…or just play in the snow

Bundle up and head for the powder! Whether you have all of the accessories to make a stylish snowman or not, kids have a blast rolling around in and playing with snow. Grab some kitchen tools or toy trucks to drive around for an explorative sensory experience.

Paint Snow

This activity is so incredibly easy! All you need is a spray (or squirt) bottle, food coloring and water. Mix the coloring and water in a bottle, then head outside and paint (spray) the white snow!

Make Ice Cream with Snow

My older nanny kid always asks me to make snow ice cream every time we get a snowfall. It’s a tasty treat with much less sugar than ice cream and is easy to make!

Mix milk, sugar, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt in a bowl. Mix in fresh clean(!) snow until reaching your desired consistency. It should be solid like ice cream, but not as dense. Since snow can have a different consistency each time it falls, adjust the liquid accordingly. Add any toppings of choice. Enjoy immediately as it melts quickly!

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