Ten $10 Birthday Gifts for 5 to 7 Year-Olds

My oldest nanny kid is turning SIX this month! He’s wild and adventurous, extremely intelligent, quite the artist, and a talented gymnast. While he has numerous skills and interests, I’ve noticed clear aptitudes shine through. He’s at a fun age where those interests and aptitudes are becoming one. Have you also seen this happen in your 5 to 7 year-old? Hopefully, you can find inspiration in these ten $10 gift ideas for the talented kiddo in your life!

For the Proud Artist

Kids feel so proud of themselves when they see their art displayed. It’s like someone cares, recognizes their talent, and is saying “You’re special.” That’s why giving a 5 to 7 year-old an opportunity to showcase their artwork by wearing it is the ideal gift for a young artist. All you’ll need are fabric markers and a plain T-shirt.

You can purchase Crayola Fabric Markers for $6.49 and a plain Gildan T-shirt for $3.99 at Michael’s craft stores. Remember to use a coupon for an even better price!

For the Budding Sleuth

Who else remembers spending hours trying to find Waldo in elaborate scenes and tricky positions? The Where’s Waldo book series develops observation skills as well as a skill called visual discrimination, which is what a person does when they try to find the differences between two images. In this case, kids are seeing a scene of people and things with similar features to those of Waldo and having to differentiate between what is authentic and what is not. Not to mention, this series is also quite addicting because of the challenges they pose in finding THE Waldo. I mean, seriously, where is that Waldo??

You can purchase the original paperback Where’s Waldo book for $8.99 on Amazon.

For the Promising Baker

One of the most enjoyable things about five to seven year olds is that they start to develop personal interests around this time. Baking is something I’ve done quite frequently with my nanny kids, and they are always eager to help. The measuring, the pouring, the mixing, the decorating, the baking — it’s all exciting! Baking introduces young kids to fractions, chemistry and food science. For some, it’s the foundation of a lifelong passion. For the especially enthusiastic baker, consider a gift of their own baking utensils and supplies or a recipe book. Dollar stores, Amazon and Target are great options for inexpensive items to brighten the young baker’s day!

You can purchase The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs for $11.39 on Amazon.

For the Hands-On Learner

If you’re looking for an educational gift that is also messy and exciting, a science kit is a great option. No matter what catches your kiddo’s attention — rocks, plants, explosions — there is bound to be a science experiment to match it.

You can purchase this National Geographic Build-Your-Own Volcano Science Kit for $9.99 at Target.

For the Future Entrepreneur

Around the age of five, many kids start to complete regular chores around the house; some even get an allowance for it. The concept of money becomes more enticing, and lemonade stands and door-to-door “salesmen” pop up around the neighborhood. Why not give your 5 to 7 year old a change bank for all of that cash they’re earning? Some banks even have sections for sorting between saving and spending, teaching responsible financial habits.

You can purchase Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Piggy Bank for $7.99 on Amazon.

For the Energizer Bunny

Consider purchasing a jump rope for your kiddo! I mean, what happened to these? They can be used alone or with friends, develop coordination, and are a form of exercise for young people who…need…to…get…tired. I say we make them popular again!

You can purchase this light-up jump rope for $7.00 at Target.

For the Rising Athlete

Young elementary-aged kids are at the perfect time in their lives to start developing athletic skills. They have enough coordination, an adequate attention span, and a desire to impress. Something as simple as a football could mean the world to a child who just loves sports.

You can purchase a Wilson NFL Touchdown Junior Football for $9.99 at Target.

For the Ardent Student

Starting big-kid school is a big deal, and some early school-aged kids take that to heart. They truly enjoy learning and want to succeed. An elementary dictionary invites them to further their learning independently through access to hundreds of new words accompanied by visuals.

You can purchase Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary for $9.16 on Amazon.

For the Board Game Enthusiast

As a kid, I remember playing games a lot, but a few got more use than others. One in particular was the game Guess Who. If you’ve never played the game, the concept is to figure out which character your opponent has in their hand by eliminating the characters on your chart that don’t fit the description. While I played it because it was fun, I didn’t realize it had a considerable effect on building my descriptive vocabulary, as well as my ability to deduce. If your kiddo likes games, this could be the one they play over and over again.

You can purchase Guess Who for $9.99 at Target.

For the Sugar Lover

An ice cream date with your kiddo could be just what they need — time with your undivided attention and a special treat! Sure, it’s not a conventional birthday gift, but you can make it fun by giving them a representation of what you have planned. Wrap an ice cream cone or a container of sprinkles with a little coupon describing the special date. If they’re not into ice cream, there are plenty of other sweet treats that can be substituted.

It can be difficult to shop for kids because you never know what they will use or already have. That’s why a considerate $10 gift is a great way to go. And chances are, your thoughtfulness will show! It doesn’t have to be expensive to inspire.

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