New Year’s Family Activity: Wishing Jar

This year has been disappointing…to say the least. Whether you were personally victimized by the coronavirus or felt only its psychological effects, this year didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. It’s hard to believe 2021 won’t be better, won’t bring about positive changes, won’t offer hope, but with whatever the new year brings, a New Year Wishing Jar might be the perfect way to generate your own good fortune. Get the whole family involved by collecting your wishes for the new year.


  • Large Jar
  • Pieces of Paper
  • Markers/Pens
  • Chalk Sticker (optional)
  • Chalk Marker (optional)


  1. If adding the chalk label, do so first. NEW YEAR WISHES, WISHES FOR 2021, or anything of the sort can be written on the label. Then, write your wishes for the new year on the pieces of paper. Write as many as you’d like!
  2. Once everyone has added their wishes to the jar, seal it and open it next New Year’s Day to see if your wishes came true!

This activity is a simple reminder of how we can remain hopeful in a difficult time. Whether your wishes are silly or serious, remember to keep this activity a positive one for the kids. My hope is that 2021 delivers and all that of your family’s wishes come true!

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