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National Nanny Recognition Week: Six Ways to Thank Your Nanny

Hey Nannies, did you know there is a whole week dedicated to appreciating you and everything you do?

For those of you who employ a nanny, National Nanny Recognition Week is a great time to thank your nanny for her hard work.

Most of us don’t just care for children; we also manage the home to make sure our employers have peace of mind and can spend more time with their kids. Sometimes the work of a nanny can blend into the everyday and start to seem expected and customary. As an employer, it never hurts to show a little extra gratitude to your nanny. Most of us are encouraged and motivated to do our jobs even better when we feel acknowledged and respected for the work we do.

This year we celebrate NNRW from September 20-26, 2020. With less than two weeks away, consider showing your appreciation with one of the following gifts:

1. Handmade Gift from Nanny Kids

Nannies love handwritten cards and homemade crafts from their nanny kids. Many of us have a collection that reminds us of the amazing little humans we’ve had the opportunity to support.

2. Gift Card or Event Tickets

If there is a place you know your nanny likes to shop or eat, or an event she’d like to attend, consider that as a gift she’d love.

3. Family Dinner

If your nanny likes spending time with your family (and chances are she does), invite her to spend a night out with you at her favorite restaurant or make her a home cooked meal.

4. Cash Bonus

A cash bonus is always a good way to say thank you to your nanny.

5. Extra PTO Day

Although your nanny (in most cases) gets her weekends free, she could always use an extra day to get things done at home or just relax with a good book.

6. Something Specific to Her

A few years ago, my former nanny family treated me to a shopping spree. My nanny mom took me to the Cherry Creek Mall where she proceeded to spend a generous amount of money on buying me clothes, specifically because she knew I wouldn’t spend my own money on myself. This experience wasn’t about the money; It meant a lot to me because it showed that she took the time to get to know me. She intentionally chose to treat me to something that she knew I would appreciate. I’ll never forget that day. Take the time to get to know your nanny, then find something specific to her that she would truly cherish.

Consider showing your nanny how much you appreciate her this Nanny Recognition Week!

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