Back to School During COVID-19

A started his first day of Kindergarten last Monday. It’s a big deal! I remember my first day of kindergarten. I remember what I wore, who I became friends with, and even some of the conversations I had with them that day. But that was back in the 90s when kids could interact without cloth masks covering their noses and mouths.

This year it was a struggle deciding what to do with A as he entered into his first year of true academia. Because of COVID-19, most public school districts are turning to online instruction and private schools are requiring full tuition regardless of a shut-down. In many cases, families have opted to hiring private tutors or joining schooling pods. We had researched this, contacted several families, and even interviewed a teaching candidate.

A week before school started, my nanny mom received an email from a private school she had applied for as a back-up earlier on in the decision-making process. Since they were a great in-person option and didn’t charge full tuition, we agreed it was the best thing to do for A at that point.

While I think it’s great he gets to attend an in-person school and interact with other kids his age, it isn’t the same. We, as the caregivers, can’t enter the classroom to see our child’s artwork. We can’t play with them on the playground. We can’t converse with the teacher after school. Not to mention with coronavirus, every little cough or scratchy throat gets a child sent home.

I’m grateful schools are taking precautions to keep everyone healthy, but it’s going to take a lot of getting used to.

Of course A’s kindergarten experience will be very different than mine was — masks, hand sanitizer, and coronavirus scares — but regardless, I hope it’s a positive one for him.

How is the back-to-school season treating you and your family? What choices have you made to educate your kids this year? I’d love to hear what you’re doing and how it’s going. Comment below!

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