Ten $10 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

*Please note this post contains affiliate links.

Someone turned TWO this weekend! It’s hard to believe R is already two, but he certainly acts like it. He’s curious, strong-willed, and always on the go. Though descriptive of most toddlers, each child has their own skills and interests. For that reason, I’ve organized some great inexpensive gift ideas for the unique young personality in your life.

1. For the budding artist

Whether your child is a seasoned water-colorist or has never seen a paintbrush, the My First Paint With Water Coloring Book is the perfect way to practice the fine motor skills that come with manipulating a tool. It uses a paintbrush in water to bring color to the picture on each page. This gift provides all the fun and all the learning, but none of the mess.

You can purchase Melissa & Doug My First Paint With Water Coloring Book for $4.99 on Amazon.

2. For the water baby

Most toddlers absolutely love water. Despite the actual bathing part of a bath, they tend to enjoy playing in the bathtub. For the water baby in your life, consider purchasing the Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy (for the bathtub or swimming pool) that allows kids to develop hand-eye coordination by attempting to catch a fish with the fishing pole.

You can purchase Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy for $7.95 on Amazon.

3. For the reader

Personally, one of my favorite things to do with kids is read. There are so many positive developmental benefits of reading. While studies have shown that traditional books are best, play-a-sound books offer something typical books do not — they can help a child make sense of the sounds around them. In Amazing Animals, a toddler can learn to recognize animals and their sounds. This book has been a favorite amongst my nanny kids because the sounds are realistic and fun to copy.

You can purchase Baby Einstein: Amazing Animals! (Play-A-Sound) book for $8.89 on Amazon

4. For the kid who loves to create

A water doodle drawing mat is a great option for kids who love to draw and paint colorful masterpieces. It gives little ones an opportunity to do what they love, while giving caregivers a break from the mess that comes with so much creativity. While this gift isn’t exactly $10, I hope the extra $2 is worth the time your kiddo will spend not making a mess.

You can purchase this Water Doodle Drawing Mat for $11.99 on Amazon.

5. For the inquisitive one

Some toddlers have an interest in letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. The Hide-and-Seek Alphabet Pop-Up provides a learning environment to intrigue any inquisitive child with its exciting pop-up feature. You can’t lose with colorful pictures and buttons!

You can purchase Battat Hide-and-Seek Alphabet Pop-Up for $10.98 on Amazon.

6. For the outdoor adventurer

Sand is a big hit in my nanny house. Neither my five or two year-old nanny kid can get enough of it. If your little one enjoys scooping dirt, climbing on rocks, or playing with worms, these John Deer sandbox vehicles are the perfect gift.

You can purchase TOMY John Deer Sandbox Vehicles for $10.99 on Amazon.

7. For the younger toddler

Shape sorters are just about my favorite toddler toy. They offer so many advantages, like learning colors and shapes, while also developing motor skills, problem solving, and common sense. Win! Win! Win!

Because these skills are often developed between a child’s first and second birthdays, I recommend gifting this shape sorter for a first birthday.

You can purchase this Shape Sorter for $9.99 on Amazon.

8. For the car-lover

I have noticed that toddlers tend to have an interest in things that spin. Given the opportunity, many of those kids will begin to play with toy cars or strollers, sometimes just to spin the wheels. Melissa & Doug’s Roll and Ring Ramp Tower is a great toy for getting curious minds thinking about physics before it’s formally introduced. Again, this gift sells for a little over $10, but would be the perfect addition to any car-lover’s collection.

You can purchase Melissa & Doug Roll and Ring Ramp Tower for $12.49 on Amazon.

9. For the patient one

What I love about the bright and colorful Melissa & Doug Sea Creatures chunky puzzle is how the pieces are large enough for small hands. Kids can easily grasp the sea creatures, while matching the colors and silhouettes to the correct space. A toddler will typically be able to complete the puzzle on their own around two-years-old, but it does take patience.

You can purchase Melissa & Doug Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle for $9.99 on Amazon.

10. For the groover

While this Magic Touch Mini Piano is designed for younger toddlers, any music-loving kid can enjoy playing and dancing to the music. Great for the car, this mini piano introduces little ones to classical music and a variety of instrument sounds in an orchestra.

You can purchase Baby Einstein Magic Touch Mini Piano for $9.99 on Amazon.

With so many great gift options around $10, you can’t go wrong with purchasing any of these gifts for the toddler in your life. They, their parents and your wallet will thank you.

*DISCLOSURE: Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to make a purchase through my website.

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