Finding Balance

Once summer officially started, things began to relax at work in terms of my hours and additional responsibilities. The three of us had had a couple of months to adjust to a new routine, which also helped with behavior issues occurring early on. With things opening back up in Colorado and A spending most mornings in day camps, R and I could explore and complete errands. I finally felt that heavy COVID-19-pandemic-chaos lift from my shoulders. But while work has become lighter, it seems like my home life hasn’t letup.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what I’ve been doing every weekend that differs from my pre-COVID weekends, but whatever it is, it has taken over my blogging time. I have been working on a single blog post for about a month now that is no longer relevant because it took me so long to complete. Instead of posting that, I have chosen to address my unintentional hiatus.

I think I thought that once summer started I would suddenly have all my free time back to be creative, rest, workout and blog — my favorite weekend activities — but it seems like dinner comes around before I can even take a moment to sit. It would appear I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my time during this season.

While I miss blogging and hope to share more consistently like I used to, I’m still struggling to find the time to write. Leaving my blog unattended has been difficult, but I trust we’re all grappling with this new normal. Eventually I’ll get my balance. In the mean time, I’d still like to connect. On the sidebar of this page, you can follow me on my Instagram (@thecoloradonanny) or Facebook (The Colorado Nanny) accounts, where I can more easily share the day-to-day of nannying in Colorado.

Hope to see you there!

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