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Ten Useful Questions to Ask During a Nanny Reference Check

You can find numerous amounts of posts and articles listing important questions to ask in a nanny interview, but somehow the vital component of hiring a household employee — reference checks — gets lost along the way. By asking the right questions to the right people, a prospective employer can get a better idea of a candidate’s personality and job-related abilities in a shorter amount of time. Use the following questions as a starting place. Choose a few or use them all to help guide the conversation. While asking these questions to former employers and coworkers, it helps to write down their responses so you can compare answers amongst references.

1. How long did the candidate work for you? What were her job responsibilities? How did she do in that position? Why did she leave?

Unfortunately, you do have to make sure your nanny candidate’s resume accurately describes her work experience and education. It’s best to confirm her resume at the start of the conversation with her references so that you’re both on the same page going forward.

2. What are this candidate’s biggest strengths? What do you most respect about them as a person?

3. What are some professional areas where the candidate could improve?

4. Is this candidate timely and dependable? Please provide examples of why or why not.

5. Is this candidate trustworthy and responsible? Please provide examples of why or why not.

6. How might this candidate do in a position that requires housework? …transporting to and from activities? …working with a special needs child?

Insert the situation that best applies to your family’s needs.

7. Was there ever an emergency involving your children? How did the candidate handle the situation? If not, are you confident in her ability to handle an emergency should one arise?

8. What are some activities/crafts/outings this candidate did with your kids?

9. What is this candidate’s relationship like with you? With your kids?

10. Would you rehire this candidate if given the chance? Why or why not?

Hopefully after speaking with references, you know whether or not a nanny candidate could be a good fit for your family. Once you’ve compared references for each applicant and made a decision about which nanny to hire, you can finally make her an offer and write up a contract.

Congratulations on getting through the hardest part of the nanny hiring process!

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