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Homeschool Resources for Preschoolers Amid COVID-19 Daycare & School Closures

Like most of you, this has been a strange week for my family and nanny-family. We’ve had to adjust to different work hours, work environments, and school hiatuses. We’ve been dealing with uncertainty related to a virus with no end in sight, and trying to figure out what a new normal looks like. We all feel this right now. That’s why it’s taken me so long to write about it — because of the strain I have felt on my heart and on my brain to understand an unprecedented event, how it pertains to me, and what I must do to step up and serve my home and work families.

I know COVID-19 has thrown our world into a spiral with people losing jobs, even their lives, and our economy plummeting, but I hope that maybe people are starting to slow down, to realign their priorities and recognize the value in relationships. Maybe it sounds idealistic, but amidst the fear and worry, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the amount of families spending intentional creative time together, whether it’s working on an activity or being outdoors.

The virus became a real game-changer for me last Friday, March 13, when I arrived at work to find that A’s school had closed until further notice. In an instant, I had to restructure our entire day. Although I’m grateful for the fact that I am not a working parent who suddenly had to work from home with an attention-seeking child, I can recognize the weight that so many parents are carrying these days.

Thankfully, I have experience homeschooling. It was much easier for me to pull online resources, crafts, and science experiments out of my hat of tricks this week than if I’d had no exposure to the world of home educating. I want to be a resource for those of you looking for ideas for homeschooling activities and wondering how you’re supposed to do this, especially if you have pre-schoolers at home. I’ve composed a list of my favorite websites to assist in your journey of becoming a (temporary) homeschool parent or nanny. Some of these websites share creative ideas and worksheets, while others provide structure and practical assistance in creating a successful learning environment.

Remember, you are not suddenly expected to be a seasoned teacher. Teachers spend years honing their craft. In this time of uncertainty, we are all just doing our best. Give yourself some grace.

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Resources for Preschoolers Amid COVID-19 Daycare & School Closures”

  1. This is great! My nanny-kids have been texting me while we’re in shelter in place and I have been trying to find things like these to send them. This is a big help!


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