Celebrating One Year!

Today marks one year since I published my very first blog post on The Colorado Nanny! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a full year. Before starting this journey, I was pretty nervous about posting my writing on the internet for the world to see, and sharing my experiences in the nanny profession. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and social media (still NOT my thing!) along the way, and have been blessed to become part of such a wonderful nanny community, especially on Instagram.

I hope those of you who follow my blog have gained more of an understanding about what a nanny really does, including how we are our own HR Department. Nannying is such a weird job that people outside of it just don’t understand. As I continue to spread awareness and an education around this unwonted field, I wanted to share with you my six favorite blog posts from the year.

My First Blog Post

I have learned a lot since publishing my first blog post, What is a Career Nanny? Honestly, I would probably change a few things in that post after-the-fact, but ultimately it was a logical first post that shares the basics about the nanny profession. Since then, I have developed a more streamlined format and writing style.

My Least Popular Blog Post

I’ve had enough conversations with parents to know how they feel about a childless nanny’s input. So, Why a Nanny Can Offer Valuable Advice to First-Time Parents was born. When I wrote this, I fully expected it to receive an adverse reaction, but that didn’t matter to me. I’m proud of my childrearing knowledge and the investment my fellow nannies put into their jobs everyday. That’s worth something.

My All-Time Favorite Blog Post

For whatever reason, Five Skills a Nanny Would Never Include on a Résumé is my all-time favorite blog post from my first year as a blogger. I think I like it because it was an opportunity to share, not only some great life skills, but also the most ridiculous ones I’ve taken away from years of co-raising other people’s kids and working in other people’s homes.

My Favorite Denver-Specific Blog Post

Denver is such a cool place with so much to do no matter your age. With museums, hiking/biking trails and playgrounds all over the Metro area, there is something for everyone. Creative Outings in Denver: Year-round is a favorite blog post because I got to share about the awesome things there are to do with kids around my beloved city.

My Most Honest Blog Post

I completely understand that nannying is a little-known career for most people and it’s unfair for me to expect anyone on the outside to recognize it for what it is. With that being said, all I want is for people to respect my profession as they would a more conventional career. Because I continually received the same comments about my job, I knew I needed to educate the general population in what not to say to a nanny. Avoid Saying These Eight Things to a Nanny speaks openly about those remarks, why they aren’t appropriate, and what to say instead.

My First Collaborative Blog Post

Just recently I shared with you my first collaborative project, How to Know When It’s Time to Move On, where I worked with another professional nanny in New York City to create a list of points to reflect on when considering leaving a nanny family. As an unostentatious person, it took a lot for me to reach out to a nanny I had never met to ask her to join forces with me on a project I knew needed to happen. This is one of my favorite posts because I hope it is the first of many nanny collaborations.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started the Colorado Nanny just one year ago. I thought I had a vision, but it turned into something even better! I feel so blessed to share my knowledge and experiences with you, but also to get to be a part of a strong community of dedicated hard-working individuals who value their work, and have every right to.

Happy 1st Birthday, The Colorado Nanny!

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