Ten $10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

*Please note this post contains affiliate links.

My four-year-old nanny kid is turning five this month! I always look forward to purchasing a birthday gift for my nanny kids that they will enjoy. Only problem is, I’ve gotten to the point where I have so many nanny-kid birthdays during the year that I will go broke if I’m not creative with my gift search. They may not be the biggest presents to open, but I’ve gotten pretty good at finding things the kids will actually use for about only $10.

1. For the kid with the imagination

This Fisher-Price Patient Doctor Kit is a great gift for any child who likes to play pretend. It offers a variety of tools for the child (doctor) to use while giving their patient a checkup, and a fun anatomically correct apron. Okay, so it’s not exactly a perfect representation of a human’s anatomy, but it’s child-friendly, and that’s all that matters.

You can purchase Fisher-Price Patient and Doctor Kit for $10.84 on Amazon.

2. For the kid who’s into building things

You can’t go wrong with LEGOs. With so many different sets, there’s bound to be one out there for your little one. This LEGO City Satellite Mission Building Kit is a clever way to teach problem-solving and fine motor skills while involving your nanny-child in the mysteries of space!

You can purchase LEGO City Satellite Service Mission Building Kit for $8.99 on Amazon.

3. For the kid who has all the questions

We all know that kid…”Why?” “Why?” “How?” “Why?” “When?” “Who?” “Why?”

This book is for them — National Geographic’s Little Kids Big Book of Why — answering all of their questions so you don’t have to. Well, maybe not all of their questions…

You can purchase the Little Kids Big Book of Why for $13.46 on Amazon.

4. For the kid who can’t sit still

Some kids can sit and look through a book for an hour, other kids can’t sit for a minute. Sports are a great way for those active preschoolers to focus their energy into something that will get them moving. Football is a versatile sport that allows for a child to learn how to catch, kick, throw, and run while developing self-discipline and hand-eye coordination.

You can purchase Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football with Pump and Tee for $11.90 on Amazon.

5. For the artist

Let me start by saying that I am jealous of artistic children. I may have thought I was an amazing artist in kindergarten, but I quickly realized my drawings and paintings were horrible. If your nanny kid is actually talented, why not give them the opportunity to learn a new medium? Clay isn’t quite as popular as coloring and painting, so it’s unlikely they’ll already have it or receive it from someone else. You could win in the art gift category with Crayola’s Model Magic clay alternative!

You can purchase Crayola Model Magic, Deluxe Craft Pack, Clay Alternative for $12.50 on Amazon.

6. For the kid who enjoys games

Raise your hand if you’ve ever sat for what felt like hours playing the same game over and over and over… Games really are great for kids. They teach social-emotional skills and how to follow rules. But, being the education-minded person I am, alphabet Memory is a sneaky way to teach letter recognition and case-matching on top of those other benefits.

You can purchase Match It! Memory — Alphabet for $12.97 on Amazon.

7. For the kid who gets bored in the car

People underestimate the power of creativity. It’s so important for kids to be able to express themselves through art and imagination. Crayola’s Mess Free Coloring books and markers are a genius way to allow that creativity in the car without the mess.

You can purchase Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go, Mess Free Coloring kit for $8.66 on Amazon.

8. For the kid with patience

Melissa and Doug offer a variety of wood puzzle sets with various themes that develop spacial awareness and problem-solving. If your nanny kid can sit patiently to solve a puzzle, they might find this box of four perfectly challenging pet puzzles entertaining. The convenient box makes it easy to take on a trip, too!

You can purchase Melissa and Doug Pets Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box for $11.99 on Amazon.

9. For the experimenter

For those curious preschoolers who always want to know, “What would happen if…,” Awesome Science Experiments for Kids gives them ideas for science experiments and activities using items from around the house. This book could start a routine of after-school science time!

You can purchase Awesome Science Experiments for Kids for $8.99 on Amazon.

10. For the kid who loves babies

Since kids at this age are still learning about the world around them, they often act out what they see. A three to five year old will likely watch their mother’s second or third pregnancy by this age, and want to be just like her. A baby doll allows for them to play out their world and make sense of it, while developing empathy and other life skills.

You can purchase Baby Alive Love ‘n Snuggle Baby for $9.27 on Amazon.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give boring gifts to your nanny kids for their birthdays. Now you have some great inexpensive ideas that kids will actually use and enjoy!

*DISCLOSURE: Please note this post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to make a purchase through my website.

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