Today, He Made a Dentist Laugh

July 23, 2019

Over the weekend, my employers noticed something that appeared to be an extra tooth growing over another one in R’s mouth. R, being only a year old, is growing in his baby teeth, so abnormalities would likely happen at this point in time. They sent me a picture of the supposed tooth, as well as their friend who is a pediatric dentist. We all thought the same thing — it’s going to need to be pulled.

Of course, R’s mom was a little scared and sad about this. No one wants their child, let alone their one-year-old, to have to endure the pain of getting a tooth pulled. Kids don’t like people probing around their mouths, but R especially doesn’t like it.

Today I took R to the dentist to get the tooth-like object looked at. He did a great job during the X-rays, minus crying over the piece they had to hold in his mouth, and didn’t cry when the dentist started feeling around his teeth. Then, he got out a pick and gently scraped what he thought was excess bone. It started to move. He thought that was strange, so he kept moving. Eventually it came out. He held it up to the light and started nervously laughing.

“I think it’s a fingernail,” he said.

Sure enough, it looked and felt like a perfectly moon-shaped fingernail.

In all honesty, I don’t think any of us were actually shocked that R had a fingernail in his mouth. He’s one of those little guys who puts everything in his mouth — bird poop, pebbles, sand, string, and now, fingernails.

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