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Be Ready for Cow Appreciation Day with This Simple Homemade Cow Costume

Cow Appreciation Day is on Tuesday, July 9 this year. It’s only three days away! If you don’t know what Cow Appreciation Day is, you are seriously missing out…but not this year! Enjoy a free entree when you go to any Chick-fil-A location on Tuesday dressed like a cow in honor of their mascot.

Every year I make my nanny-kids a cow costume with minimal time and funds. I’m not the most creative or artistic person, so you can bet it’s easy!

I always collect the supplies before getting started:

  • A white T-shirt for each child (an old T-shirt is perfect, or you can purchase one)
  • Black felt (usually one piece per shirt is plenty)
  • White felt (half a piece per shirt)
  • Pink felt (half a piece per shirt); I don’t usually do the pink because I always forget about it…
  • A thin black plastic headband
  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Cardboard (to put inside the shirts when gluing on spots)
  • Scissors

Then, I cut, glue, and voila!

Step 1: Cut up cardboard to fit inside the shirt. Place the cardboard inside wherever you think you might glue.

Step 2: Cut out cow spots from the black felt, using your scissors. They don’t have to be perfect. Any rounded shape will do.

Step 3: Glue cow spots onto shirt in any random pattern, using the fabric glue. Let dry for 24 hours (or however long the glue bottle instructions say).

Step 4: Cut cow ear shapes (inner and outer ears) with black, white or pink felt. If you are using pink, it should be the inner ear color with white being the outer ear color. You can find patterns online if you don’t trust yourself, like me. Glue outer and inner ear together, using fabric glue. Let dry before for at least an hour before the next step. You could also add black spots to the white ears if you used pink as the inner ear.

Step 5: Glue ears to headband using a hot glue gun.

All done! Now you have a simple reusable cow costume!

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even make an EAT MOR CHIKIN sign with red constriction paper, black paint, and string.

I can’t wait to introduce my nanny-kids to the joy of Cow Appreciation Day! See you all there!

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