UPPAbaby, Down a Nanny

Ever since I learned about the UPPAbaby stroller system, I thought I wanted one. It was the first time I had heard of a stroller that adapted to your growing family AND included a bassinet option. I thought it was a great idea; I was hooked.

Fast forward a few years…I have finally had the chance to actually use an UPPAbaby stroller system, the Vista model to be exact. My current job allowed me to use both the infant carseat attachment and now the toddler system. I was excited to try it out!

On my first day of work, I detached the infant carseat and loaded it into my car with only the frame left on the stroller. I couldn’t immediately figure out how to fold it up, but once I did, it was super easy. But, it didn’t fit very well in the trunk of my compact SUV. It was a bit bulky, heavy, and came a little too far over the back seats. “Oh well,” I thought.

Then, I had to do the reverse and unload the stroller frame to reattach Baby R’s carseat. There is a clip on the side of the stroller that isn’t exactly in the most accessible place. It’s a bit awkward. Regardless, the concept of just pulling up on the stroller handlebar to open it is great. Yet again, awkward. I learned that, unless the stroller is at the exact right angle while pulling up on the handle, it doesn’t unfold without struggle.

Once I had the stroller open and R loaded, I had to unlock the wheels. It’s a step-and-go concept. Again, a great idea with awkward follow-through. It wouldn’t unlock. I stepped, and stepped, and stepped. Finally after looking like a crazy person, we got some movement.

About a week ago, I VERY easily conformed the infant stroller into the toddler stroller. It was a quick and simple process (took me like 10 seconds), so I’ll give UPPAbaby points for that. I also like that the toddler seat has great coverage from sun and weather because of its large sun shade and built-in UV protection shield that covers R’s legs and feet.

Then, I had to put it in my car…

Um, no.

I drive an SUV, granted a compact SUV, but I feel like a single stroller should be able to fit in my trunk without taking up eighty percent of my trunk space and blocking my rear view. Maybe I’m wrong, but let’s just consider this for a minute… In order to be able to see out of my rearview window, I have to take the stroller apart and travel with it in two pieces, and then reassemble it when we get where we’re going….every time? No. Just no. Anyone who goes out with kids during the day has enough to deal with; the last thing we need is a complicated stroller.

Oh! And I didn’t even mention how IF I wanted to keep the stroller in one piece before folding it up, I have to tilt the toddler seat all the way back and fold the foot rest all the way down. It’s too complicated!

Although there are many features about the UPPAbaby Vista that I like, several other stroller companies have followed suit, creating travel systems that grow with your family, are less bulky, less complicated, and less expensive. Let’s just say that UPPAbaby has lost the interest of a nanny and future parent.

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