Day Nine of Five

June 18, 2019

Today marks my ninth day of work this week. Since last Monday, I have worked ninety-seven hours.

Going into this week, I expected to feel exhausted, burnt out and quite a bit frustrated by today. Although I had the occasional issue, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for a typical week.

Regardless of the fact that it’s only Tuesday, I had to remind myself all day that it’s my Friday, that I don’t work tomorrow. In fact, I have the next week and a half off because my employers are on a family vacation. The fact that I packed the kids’ bags should have been a hint…

While I look forward to this break, I didn’t feel in need of it today. I came home energized because I had a great day and love my job. Even after nine straight days of work, I still feel excitement when I think of my day-to-day with those two amazing little guys.

How lucky am I?

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