Today Was Not My Favorite

May 23, 2019

Today started out great. I actually felt like I got enough sleep and wasn’t a zombie on my thirty minute commute to work. For the majority of the morning, things went well — Baby, R, went down easily and slept for two hours, and A played nicely by himself while I got a lot done around the house.

Then, little by little, things started to slide. R wouldn’t sleep for his second nap, which is unusual for him. He’s a great sleeper, so I didn’t count on him not sleeping as I planned how I would spend my hour or so of alone time. Usually I spend that time completing all of the household tasks I couldn’t do while the kids were awake.

And, the moment R did quiet down (though only for a moment), I heard A crying from his bedroom. I walked down the hall to see his bedroom light on. I stepped in while he was crying at the toilet in his attached bathroom.

“What’s going on?” I asked him, “Why are you crying?”

He turned to show me his wet pants. I helped him clean up and change, then covered him back up in his bed to finish his nap.

R was still crying.

Eventually, I got him up and played with him for a while, before waking up A to go to the library.

Once everyone had their snacks, used the bathroom/had a diaper change, and grabbed their jackets (because it’s snowing/raining in Boulder right now…), we hopped in the car and took off for our first Musical Storytime at the Boulder library.

Arriving at the library, I realized the entire parking lot was paid parking only. “Great,” I thought, “We’re already late and now I either have to find street parking, or deal with paying at the meter.” Luckily, I found street parking across the street. We weren’t terribly late, but I’m usually a VERY prompt person, so I was slightly annoyed with myself (and the city of Boulder) by this point.

Even with A sleeping during most of that nap time, I couldn’t get any housework done with R crying and fighting his nap. This made me feel unaccomplished, like I had a to-do list that was getting left behind. I mean, I did, and it was…

It’s not that today was all that bad. I mean, it wasn’t nearly the worst day I’ve had as a nanny, but I don’t like those days when things are frustrating for no reason. It’s not even like any of it matters. No one was mad at me, no one gave me dirty looks, no one insulted my nanny skills… It’s all my own meaningless pressure.

The good news is…

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to work and play.

from Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

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