Today, I Embarrassed Myself

This morning, while changing R’s diaper, I noticed the Desitin was a teeny tiny squeeze away from being empty. I couldn’t find another tube anywhere, so considering I also needed Swiffer wet pads, I decided we’d take a quick trip to Target before picking A up from preschool.

Because the Target we went to is getting remodeled, it took a little longer to find the two items. But, once I had what I needed, I went to the self-checkout. After scanning each item, I placed them in a plastic Target bag. I paid and left, put R in the car, folded up his stroller, placed it in the trunk, and drove off.

As I was driving into the parking garage at A’s school, I realized I had done something terribly embarrassing.

I left Target WITHOUT the plastic Target bag of Swiffer wet pads and Desitin that I had just bought! *facepalm*

To make a long story short, I ended up calling the Target, having them hold the bag, and driving back with both of the boys to claim my items. I was grateful they had been left in the same place, but felt completely embarrassed showing my face as I asked Service and Returns for the bag of Swiffer pads and Destitin.

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