Today, She Broke a Record

WARNING: graphic detail

Most Thursday mornings I take my youngest nanny-kid, L, to the library for story time while her brother is at school. She loves to sing and bounce and play with the colorful toys. I love getting a latte at the café before the class starts. Today, both of those things had to wait, because today, she broke a record.

Just as I opened the car door in the library parking lot to get L out of her carseat, she very calmly and quietly said to me, “Boo boo.” She didn’t need to tell me. I could smell it. I got her out and checked her diaper (Why did I do that??) only to realize the hard way that it went all the way up. There I was holding a toddler in the middle of the library parking lot with “boo boo” on my finger.

I carefully put her in the stroller, cleaned off my finger with a wipe, and briskly wheeled her into one of the family bathrooms of the children’s section in the library. We spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom before she was clean and ready to leave. FIFTEEN MINUTES!

I laid L down on the changing pad and started pulling off her pants. Luckily I noticed the excrement on her leg, so I knew to be careful not to transfer it any further. Then, I wiped her leg and the side where her diaper failed to do its job. I took it off, placed a clean diaper underneath her, and wiped and cleaned and wiped and cleaned. Then she started wetting herself. All down her legs and onto her back. So, I wiped and cleaned and wiped and cleaned, and put on diaper number two.

But, the bottom of her shirt was covered in No. 2 as well. Thankfully I had an extra change of clothes for her! Although they may have been slightly too small, I celebrated the fact that L would not have to leave that bathroom in only a diaper, shoes, and a coat. It’s the little victories…

This definitely was not the most fun moment in my career, but I was laughing as I cleaned her because L was so nonchalant and carefree about it. She had no idea what she had done or even cared if I changed her. In my entire career, I had never experienced anything quite like that. I mean, this was record-breaking. Seriously.

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