It’s That Time of Career Again

About a month ago, my current nanny family told me they would be cutting my hours to put their youngest in part-time preschool. Unfortunately, this came at a time when I actually need to work more hours to cover a portion of my husband’s paycheck as he starts nursing school. I looked into getting a part-time position that would fulfill my hourly needs to no avail. That led me to search for one full-time position that would allow my husband and me the consistency and financial stability that we need going into this season.

A week ago, I was offered a Nanny Manager position with a family in the Boulder area. I felt excited and grateful for the offer, but sad about leaving my current nanny-kids. I dreaded the conversation with their parents, the one where I have to tell them I’m leaving. Even as a seasoned nanny, I had never done it before. All of my past positions ended because the children went into school or the family moved away.

When I accepted the new position, I knew I needed to have the difficult conversation with my current nanny family. It was only fair to give them enough time to find alternative care. I decided to keep the conversation simple and to the point. I didn’t want them thinking it was anything personal; I need to take care of my family right now. Thankfully, they understood.

There comes a time (usually several) where a nanny leaves her nanny family and moves on to a new one. It’s that time in my career where I will be doing that again. I’m going to miss seeing my nanny kids, and their goofy personalities and smiling faces everyday. That’s the hard part about being a nanny – leaving your nanny kids behind when you move onto a new job. You form such a strong bond with each of the kids you care for that it breaks your heart not to see them everyday. The good news is that it often means you have a new family and new kiddos waiting to form that bond with you! You think it isn’t possible to love a child the way you loved your former nanny kids…until you do.

Bring on the new hugs and giggles!

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