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Creative Outings in Denver: Year-round

The wonderful thing about living in Denver is that there are so many things to do with your nanny-kids all year long. No matter the weather or the age of your kiddos, you can always find something to do outside of the house. I mean, who wants to be cooped up inside all day?

Have fun exploring your city and the surrounding neighborhoods January through December!

The Library

Most libraries offer programs for ages infant through adult. The classes consist of reading, singing, dancing, playing, and learning new skills. Our local library even offers yoga classes! And everything is FREE. Look into your nearest library to find out what they have going on during the day, or if they have any play areas in or outdoors.

Recreation Center

I love, love, love our recreation center! Although participating in classes and using the facilities is not free, everything is offered at a much lower price than anywhere else. Our rec center has several classes for kids and adults during the day, including gymnastics (and open gym), swim, skill building, their very own preschool, and so much more! Not to mention, they also have drop-in activities, like racquetball, basketball, and a full gym. Every rec center is different, but you should be able to find information about your community center’s programs by visiting or going on their website.

The Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is open year-round, however, the colder months may not be the best time to visit. It’s that occasional 50º sunny winter day that puts it on my list. Those days are the best to go; fewer people and no-hassle parking for the win! Check out my list of free days if you don’t already have a pass.

Downtown Aquarium

Since the aquarium is indoors, it’s ideal for a rainy or cold winter day, but also air-conditioned for those sweltering summer days. The path of the aquarium flows pretty easily through the building, making it difficult to get lost or separated, but since the hallways are so narrow, I would recommend keeping the stroller at home. After you’ve seen all the fish, walked through the tiger exhibit and pet stingrays, you can dine at the underwater restaurant to complete your experience.

Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds are becoming extremely popular with new ones popping up all over the place. I know there are several more locations than listed here, but the following are ones I have personally visited and would recommend.

  • APEX Center Clubhouse — As part of Arvada Parks and Recreation, this indoor treehouse-style playground is FREE. However, because it is a maze of lifted tunnels, I wouldn’t recommend it for children under the age of 3.
  • Monkey Bizness/Little Monkey Bizness — This indoor playground offers a variety of play equipment and jungle gyms for all ages, including an art room. The age limit for play is 10 years old, but there is a separate play area for children 2 and under.
  • Chick-fil-A — Seriously. Most Chick-fil-A locations are clean and child-friendly. Their service is amazing and extremely helpful when you have little ones, and the food is delicious. The indoor play area is a great option when you need to get the kids out but don’t want to spend the time, money, or hassle at a larger facility. You get food and play for the price of one…or download the app and get free food!


Don’t miss out on the many interesting and unique museums Denver has to offer! Although some museums may seem less child-friendly, Denver has done a wonderful job at encouraging child participation at almost every museum in the area. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will give you somewhere to start.

  • Children’s Museum of Denver — This is an obvious one. Children of all ages are welcome to explore the many interactive exhibits, try their hand at cooking or baking in the teaching kitchen, create a masterpiece in the art studio, and run around outside at Joy Park. The Center for the Young Child is a room designed for children 3 and under. This museum is a MUST DO with your nanny-kids!
  • Denver Art Museum — Come explore the art within the walls of the museum. If that does’t interest your little ones, spend some time in the kid’s corner, creating art and completing fun puzzles. And did I mention it’s FREE for children 18 and under?!
  • Denver Firefighters Museum — Although I personally have not been to this museum, I know they offer a summer camp and class for children to teach fire safety and firefighter history.
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science — There are several intriguing exhibits at the Museum of Nature and Science that will introduce your nanny-kids to things they’ve never seen before, or maybe just not up close. There are a couple of interactive exhibits the kids would probably find very interesting, not to mention the children’s area toward the back of the museum. There they can play with water, dig for fossils, and more.
  • Botanic Gardens — Chatfield and York Street — I have never been to the Chatfield location with children, but I know that the York Street gardens have an interactive exhibit within the gardens and a children’s area across the street (next to the parking structure). The children’s area is really fabulous. There are things to climb on, water to play in, and a tipi for imaginary play.
  • Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum — This hangar is filled with small and large planes for kids to look at up close. There are also a few small photo and memorabilia exhibits and a children’s area. Throughout the month, they offer different children’s programs that can be found on their website’s event calendar.
  • Colorado Railroad Museum — There are several trains on display to see and climb inside of. They also host a children’s story and craft every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Visit their website for train rides and other events.
  • Butterfly Pavilion — If your nanny-kids love animals, they will love the interactive exhibits at the Butterly Pavilion. They can hold Rosie, the tarantula in the Crawl-A-See-Em, touch a starfish at Water’s Edge, and walk among the butterflies in Wings of the Tropics. A small indoor play area is also part of the museum.
  • KidSpace — KidSpace is an indoor play area and interactive museum. Visit their website for information on their workshops and events.
  • WOW! Children’s Museum — Also designed as an interactive museum for children, WOW! is much smaller than the Denver children’s museum, but still has a wonderful selection of activities and things to explore.

Kids Classes

  • Gymboree Play & Music — Gymboree provides play and music classes for all ages. It’s so difficult to find things to do with infants, but there are several options of classes that nanny and baby can do together.
  • The Little Gym — Designed for children to play and learn, The Little Gym offers several classes for children, like parent/nanny-tot classes, gymnastics, dance, sports skills, music, and more!
  • ABC Kids Climbing — A climbing gym just for kids! Offering classes for toddlers through high-schoolers, there is no better place for kids to learn how to climb like a Coloradan while building confidence, endurance and strength. They even offer Open Gym for families to climb together.
  • Tinkergarten — Learning and building skills through outdoor play and discovery is the goal of Tinkergarten. Children can socialize and engage with kids their age while developing useful observation and problem-solving techniques.
  • Michaels — Kids Club is offered every Saturday morning at most Michaels locations. Each class is either free or only a few dollars for the lesson and all the materials. All year they offer crafts and projects to align with upcoming holidays, or just for fun.
  • The Home Depot — Most Saturday mornings throughout the year, The Home Depot offers a workshop for children to introduce basic woodworking and DIY skills. I believe the class is free for all the materials, but it wouldn’t hurt to double-check with your location before registering.


Looking for more fun activities to do with your nanny-kids? Look no further!

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