Today, I was a Unicorn

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

My oldest nanny-kid woke up from nap before his sister. Instead of taking him downstairs to eat a snack, I decided he and I would just play in the loft while we waited for his sister to wake up. During that time, we found a bunch of stuffed animals that had been left up there from the day before. One of those stuffed animals was a little pink unicorn. But her horn was missing!

“G!” I said, “Alice is a horse!” I pointed to the place on the unicorn where there was no longer a horn.

He looked puzzled.

We searched the loft to find the missing horn. I finally found it trying to creep under the couch. I grabbed it, put it on my forehead and pretended to be a unicorn. G didn’t think I was so funny, until I gave him the horn. He proceeded to put the horn to his forehead and neigh like a horse. We took turns being a unicorn until his sister woke up from her nap.

Then, we went downstairs and ate a snack.

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