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How I Got My Start as a Nanny

Today, while out with my nanny-kids, someone asked me how I got started working as a nanny. The truth is it fell in my lap. I have worked with kids in different capacities for over ten years, but it wasn’t until I started nannying that I realized I could actually make a career out of it.

In 2013, I worked as a babysitter for life groups (like a Bible study) through a friend’s church. One of the parents of that life group approached me before the start of the school year to ask if I would be interested in working for them a few hours a week. That very part-time school-year position turned into a thirty-hour a week job the following summer. I absolutely loved working with the ‘W’ family! Although one of the three kids was particularly challenging, they were energetic, happy, and so much fun.

Fast-forward a year…

My husband and I moved to Colorado the summer of 2014. With an education degree but no teaching credential, I knew (or at least thought) I couldn’t teach in Colorado until I secured my Colorado teaching license. After loving my summer with the Ws, I decided I would nanny in the mean time. I found my first job through an online nanny service, and “in the mean time” turned into the career I have today.

But, I didn’t figure it all out on my own. Through a mutual friend, I happened to meet another career nanny, J, who taught me so much about the industry. She introduced me to a nanny agency and helped me figure out tricky situations along the way.

The short answer to, “How did you become a nanny?” is that it fell in my lap, but the short answer doesn’t do justice to the path I’ve followed to get where I am. I am so grateful for the families who have trusted me to care for their children. And I am so grateful to J for sharing her knowledge and nanny expertise with me!

Working as a nanny is fun, challenging, rewarding, exhausting, and incredibly special all at the same time. There is nothing else I would rather do.

If you’re interested in becoming a nanny and have questions, visit Nanny Resources for more information. You can also contact me directly through email or by leaving a comment.

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